Cadw Sŵn is a complete Welsh course which uses music and stories to ease and speed the learning process. It’s suitable for complete beginners or as a revision aid. 20 full lessons cover all the major tenses in an entertaining and pleasurable way.
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Find out how we make learning Welsh quick and enjoyable

Take a listen to the audio below, and see how we lay out our stories. The text below shows only a short part of the very first story – imagine how much you’ll learn as you work your way through all 20!


Learning Welsh fast with Cadw Sŵn

We use music to help you relax and stories to help you remember. We print the English and Welsh side-by-side in a beautiful printed course book so you never need to worry about vocabulary.
A full Welsh course (South Wales Welsh) with a printed book and Blu-Ray or DVD containing 20 lessons of audio.
Listen to the audio tracks from your Blu-Ray or DVD player, through your TV or home cinema system, or order the computer disk and transfer your audio to your MP3 player or CDs.

“I often think that, if there were some way of learning Welsh painlessly and overnight – perhaps by placing a disk under one’s pillow and waking up in full command of the language, most people in Wales would eagerly try it. Alas, there’s no such magic technology – not yet. But a new technique on the market is the next best thing. Cadw Swn consists of ten CDs and a handsome course file designed to take you from absolute beginning to reasonable fluency in Welsh…

…you may find that you can pick up Welsh more quickly than you thought.”

Meic Stephens in the Western Mail, the national newspaper of Wales.

“a refreshing approach… …with each lesson comes a wealth of new vocabulary (which you pick up effortlessly – much more effectively than learning lists off rote) and an immediate improvement in reading ability… … a complete package that covers all the elements necessary for a beginner.”

Rachel Treadaway, BBC Online

Our Mission

We want everyone to be able to learn Welsh at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want to, for a reasonable price. Whatever your ability, wherever you live, we hope you’ll give Cadw Sŵn a try.