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Coed y Brenin

A novel for Welsh learners, set in the sleepy village of Aberarthur. The book includes helpful notes, and a vocabulary throughout.

Croeso i Aberarthur, pentref bach cysglyd yn y De. Mae llawer o bobl yn byw yma, ac mae stori gyda phob un. Credwch chi fi.

Welcome to Aberarthur, a small sleepy village in the South. Lots of people live here, and each has a story. Believe you me.

Apparently Aberarthur is a fictional village, in that it exists only in my mind. The funny thing is that as you read this book it will exist in your mind too, but entirely through the medium of Welsh.

This book reached No. 1 in the amazon Welsh ebook charts within 10 days of release, and is often still seen there. It’s available as a printed paperback or a kindle ebook worldwide on amazon.

The audiobook version is available on itunes, audible and amazon.

I have just started learning a little of the language. This is really good because I can already pick out and understand whole sentences and even the odd paragraph, and these help to reinforce the grammar. Hopefully six months down the line I’ll be able to read it and understand it as narrative. It’s certainly a fun and interesting way of learning.

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Cwm Gwrachod

Croeso i Gwm Gwrachod, cwm bach diniwed yn y De.

Welcome to Witches’ Valley, an innocent little valley in the South.

Written by the author of the bestselling Welsh learners’ novel Coed y Brenin, this book should help you expand and improve your Welsh, while being both interesting and entertaining.

‘The events, people and places in Cwm Gwrachod are imaginary, in that they exist only in my mind. The funny thing is that as you read this book they will exist in your mind too, but entirely through the medium of Welsh.’

Available as a printed paperback or a kindle ebook worldwide on amazon.

Simple Welsh in an Hour of Your Time

This short book gives you the basics of Welsh in an effective and efficient way, taking as little time as possible. You can use it if you’re a complete beginner, or as a revision aid if you’re already on the road to fluency. Or maybe if you just find yourself in a rut, and would like a bit of help moving on.

The idea is simple; by spending around an hour on this book, with breaks in between chapters, you should be able to master a very simple form of Welsh. A simple form that will let you say what you, or anyone else, is doing, has done, or is going to do, including the negative and question forms.

The book is broken down into six chapters, each taking around 10 minutes to complete and revise. Each chapter has exercises, together with answers at the back of the book.

Excellent, very easy to follow and funny with it, left me wanting more.

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Cadw Sŵn is suitable for complete beginners or as a revision aid. There’s never been a better time to learn Welsh!